Hello Evergreen Planters,

Welcome to all of you who are new to Evergreen and welcome back to all of you returnees. We are looking forward to a safe and productive season and are glad you have chosen to plant with us.

Our 2018 spring coast season is just about ready to start and the interior season is not that far away either. 

 We all know being in physical top form from the first day: you will hurt less, be less likely to get injured and will make more money. 

As part of the Evergreen team, planters are required to participate in some form of pre-season fitness program.

Making more money isn't just a function of being stronger so you can be faster. It's also a function of being conditioned so that you avoid injuries. I'm not just speaking of pulled muscles and trips or falls, etc. 

Being injured while planting Sucks

Attached to this email are three PDF files. Each one will provide you information on 

  • how to avoid getting tendonitis this year by conditioning properly, 
  • learning to spot the early signs and also 
  • how to eat properly to guarantee your body is as strong as it can be. 

Pre-Season Fitness – Getting Fit to Plant

For those of you who don't know, Dr. Delia Roberts created a program called Fit to Plant.

According to a study of Roberts’ program, planters who completed the pre-season training program planted 12.5% more trees and suffered 40% fewer injuries and infections over a working season. 

Here’s the link to the Selkirk Fit to plant Program – desperate-planters-programs 

Even more crucial than the money increase is the benefit of incurring fewer or no injuries over a season. Fit to Plant program is in three parts: 

  • a training video, 
  • a top 10 list of tips and 
  • a dietary manual. 

The video "Fit to Plant" preps you with exercise techniques that are planting specific: resistance band training to prevent tendonitis and the dreaded "claw," strength training and cardio fitness for getting through the slash. 

Tendonitis – warm up exercises

This year we’ve also included some hand warm-ups that you can do in the truck on the way to work. They will help make sure you don’t get tendo to start the season.

 What has become most evident and the biggest cause of lost wages are repetitive strain injuries - the dreaded tendonitis. Over the past three years more than 50% of our lost time has come from tendonitis.

Strength and Agility - Take the Pre-Season Test

Courtesy of Summit Reforestation, this Pre-Employment video will help you determine if you have any muscle imbalances or mobility problems that will need to be addressed before you come out for your next planting season.            ROCK the TEST!         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA8eSXoBrFg


Please take a little time and have a look at the information and links contained in the attached files. You'll be glad you did.

Have a great and injury free season!

Bonnie, Dave and the boys.                       LETS DO THIS!


If you have any questions, suggestions or cannot view the files contact Dave at egn@netidea.com 

 Attached files;         Finally a way to prevent the dreaded claw



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